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The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program, Carnegie Corporation of New York

Carnegie Corporation of New York established the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program in 2015 to provide a major boost to the social sciences and humanities. Each year, the Corporation provides more than 30 of the country’s most creative thinkers with grants of up to $200,000 each to support research on challenges to democracy and international order.

International Studies Association, Venture Research Workshop Grant

ISA is one of the oldest interdisciplinary associations dedicated to understanding international, transnational and global affairs. Founded in 1959, its more than 7,000 members span the globe – comprising academics, practitioners, policy experts, private sector workers and independent researchers, among others.  ISA created the Workshop Grants program to promote the interaction of scholars from different parts of the global international studies community. Venture Research Workshop Grants are targeted for projects that venture into emerging and potentially transformative research areas or preliminary work on untested and novel and path-breaking ideas. The goal is to support truly innovative research that has the potential to make a significant leap or paradigm shift and move the frontiers of knowledge forward.

Triangle Institute for Security Studies

TISS, a consortium of Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and NCSU, was founded in 1958.  It is an association of scholars centered committed to cooperation and communication across disciplinary and cultural divides. Its mission is to advance research and education in the field of national and international security.

Policy@UNC, Department of Public Policy, UNC-Chapel Hill

Public Policy is an interdisciplinary social science major designed to provide students with the theoretical perspective, analytical skill, and substantive knowledge needed to respond to major domestic and global policy problems. UNC Public Policy’s interdisciplinary faculty have degrees in economics, history, public policy, philosophy, political science; sociology and sociomedical science. PLCY@UNC promotes the department’s research, teaching and service activities; highlights faculty expertise in both domestic and global policy research; and provides a forum for discussion and deliberation on a range of domestic and global issues.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s Institute for the Arts and Humanities

The Institute for the Arts and Humanities serves as UNC’s faculty home for interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration. Its mission is to help the university recruit, refresh, develop, and retain a world-class faculty of scholars and teachers. At the heart of this mission is the affirmation of the crucial value of the arts and humanities to the life of the university and the world.